Here at Tabitha Mary HQ I am really passionate about our environment and how my business and personal life impacts it.
I have been working really hard to ensure that my business runs with as little impact to the environment as possible.

Here are the steps i’ve taken so far to make Tabitha Mary more planet friendly:

  • The paper I use for the digital quality prints is responsibly sourced and recyclable.
  • I use cotton rag giclee paper for my higher quality offering. This paper’s pulp is made from waste materials of the textile industry.
  • The backing card I use is made from recycled materials and is itself recyclable.
  • My packaging is recyclable.
  • My cellophane bags are made from corn starch and are biodegradable.
  • 80% of my stickers are biodegradable. And I am making adjustments to make this 100%.

All this means you can buy with an eco clear conscience. Yippee!