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House commissions – how it works

I get asked all the time about house commissions and how the process works… well it’s simple really:

  • Pop me over an email expressing your interest.
  • We discuss what you’d like created, any features you’d like including / excluding.
  • Email me a photo of your house
  • I’ll confirm the price and time frame and we get your commission booked in with a 50% deposit.
  • Once the design is done I send it over to you for approval.

Job done!

It’s that simple! The image featured here is of my most recent house commission, a gorgeous cottage in Broughton commissioned by the Husband for his wife’s signifiant Birthday. It makes such a lovely, unique and special gift.

Some of my house commissions have then been reproduced for each member of the family. Have a look through my commissions section and you can see some of the house commissions i’ve created over the years.

And as always – any questions just drop me a line! TM x